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Farthing Coins of the Ionian Islands

In 1809 the Ionian Islands fell into the hands of Britain, by whom they were formed, in 1815, into the Septinsular Republic. On February 11, 1819 copper coins, consisting of the penny, halfpenny, and farthing were ordered to be struck in England for the Islands. These coins were designed by William Wyon. The penny of this series was worth 10 Oboli, making the farthing equivalent to 2½ Oboli. The coins were struck in 1819 and 1820. According to mint records, 77 tons of pence, 77 tons of halfpence, and 44 tons of farthings were struck in 1819.
O: Obverse | R: Reverse Click Images to View Coin Details
OWinged lion left, head facing, holding arrows and shield
RBritannia seated left, holding trident in left hand and palm in outstretched right hand

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