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Bibliography of Recommended Literature

* Coins of England and the United Kingdom, 43rd Edition, 2008
Philip Skingley
The Standard Reference for British Coins. Contains illustrations with pricing information for Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and Norman coins. For post-Restoration types, values are given in three grades for each year. This reference serves as a general reference for the entire British Series and is recommended for collectors of all levels. For collectors dealing with particular periods, there are additional references below that give further detail to specific areas.

English Hammered Coinage Vol 2: Edward 1 to Charles 11 1272-1662
J J North
For the collector of the hammered series, this has become a standard reference as it goes into more detail for this series than the Spink reference above.

Galata Guide to the Farthing Tokens of James I & Charles I, The
Tim Everson
This is the update to Peck (see below) for the farthing tokens of James I and Charles I. Much work has been done in compiling this reference and over 50 new coins have been added to the approximately 300 that Peck lists. A very worthwhile addition to the bookshelf of the collector of this series.

* Farthings and Halfpennies of Edward I and II, The: Small Change I (2001)
Paul Withers, Bente Romlund Withers

* Halfpennies and Farthings of Edward III and Richard II, The: Small Change II (2002)
Paul Withers, Bente Romlund Withers

Halfpennies and Farthings of Henry IV, V and VI, The: Small Change III (2003)
Paul Withers, Bente Romlund Withers

* Farthings and Halfpennies of Edward IV - Henry VII, The: Small Change IV (2004)
Paul Withers, Bente Romlund Withers

Small Silver of Henry VIII to the Commonwealth, The: Small Change V (2005)
Paul Withers, Bente Romlund Withers

Irish Small Silver: John - Edward VI: Small Change VI (2005)
Paul Withers, Bente Romlund Withers
The preceding six references are essential for the collector of the silver hammered farthings (and halfpennies). At roughly 60 pages each, there is a lot of information contained within each. The small change series is broken down into far greater detail than the Spink Standard Reference. No values are given but identification of these small silver pieces is made much easier with these books. The works are heavily illustrated throughout with 2x and 4x enlargements and coins are cross-referenced to the Spink number where they exist.

* English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558 - 1958
C Wilson Peck
Highly recommended for any collector of farthings. This catalog lists all the types contained with in the British Museum and elsewhere that could be described. Values are given in relative form (Scarce, Common, Very Common etc). This work is essential for the serious collector of farthings (and halfpennies and post-1797 base pennys) and lists trials, patterns, proofs, and restrikes in addition to the current issues.

* Seventeenth Century Tokens of the British Isles & Their Values
Michael Dickinson
This work is an update of George C Williamson's Tradesmen's Tokens that was done 1889-1891 and which may be found elsewhere on this site. Dickinson has included values for many of the tokens and corrected some of the information in Williamson as well as having added (and removed/reassigned) several tokens. The descriptions are not as complete as Williamson's and the supplemental information taken from the Parish Registers that Williamson so painstakingly had compiled is omitted. But, as that information is "static" and much is available on this site for all, the omission is not overly detrimental and the prices (though in 1986 values) and corrections make this a worthy addition to the library of the collector of 17th century tokens.

British Tokens and Their Values
Peter Seaby (Editor), Monica Bussell (Editor), Michael Dickinson (Editor), P.Frank Purvey (Editor)

The coinage of Ireland in copper, tin, and pewter, 1460-1826
Philip Nelson

* Coins of Scotland, Ireland, and the Islands, Pre-Decimal Issues, 2nd Edition 2003
Spink, Stephen Hill and May Sinclair

* denotes books in the Author's library.

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