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Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series,
of the Reign of Charles I.

Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office.

1625-1626, Edited by John Bruce, Esq., 1858
Vol ???, May 30 1625 (Whitehall)
Proclamation for continuing farthing tokens of copper, and prohibiting the counterfeiting of them, and the use of all other. [Coll. Procs., Car. I., No. 16.]

Vol XXIX, June 8 1626
43. Project of Sir Geo. Blundell for raising money for his Majesty's service by a coinage of 100,000l. in farthings.

1629-1631, Edited by John Bruce, Esq., 1860
Vol CLXXVIIII, 1630 (undated)
12. Petition of Sir Francis Crane, in behalf of Frances Duchess of Richmond and Lennox and of himself, to the Council. Being authorized by letters patent to issue such farthing tokens as should be in use in England and Ireland, and bound to rechange the same, some persons have counterfeited great quantities of them. Prays the Lords to direct their letters into Durham for apprehension of divers offenders, and to signify the course they think fit to be taken with these and other similar offenders.

1633-1634, Edited by John Bruce, Esq., 1863
Vol CCLX, Feb 3 1633-4 (Chester)
9. Mayor and others of Chester to the Council. By the great quantities of farthing tokens brought to that city, they are grown to that undervalue that in buying victuals or other commondities what was formerly had for a penny in silver is now in farthings twopence or more. Hence happen many complaints and controversies, and on the whole matter their markets decay and all sorts of victuals are grown to excessive rates. Of late, James Scarre of Rawden, co. York, clothier, brought to Chester 10l. in farthing tokens, all which the writers conceive to be counterfeit. On his examination confessing he had them from Henry Rodwell, of Pickersgill near Masham, co. York, petty chapman, and that he gave 5l. worth of commodities for them, the writers bound Scarre over to the sessions, and made stay of the farthings, some of which the bearer, Mr. Blease, an alderman of that city, has to show. Hence arose reports that no farthing tokens should henceforth pass, to the great prejudice of labourers who receive their day's wages, and the impotent poor who recieve charitable devotions, in that coin. Solicit directins. [Two pages.]

Vol CCLX, Feb 5 1633-4 (The Star Chamber)
20. List of causes to be heard in the court of Star Chamber. They were, ... London: Sir Francis Crane versus Roger Daniel and others for counterfeiting farthing tokens.

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