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Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series,
of the Reign of Charles I.

Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office.

1635-1636, Edited by John Bruce, Esq., 1866
Vol CCCXIV, Feb 18, 1635-6
Grant to Henry Lord Maltravers and Sir Francis Crane, for 21 years, for making farthing tokens of copper, with a distinction of brass to be known from counterfeit, for the use of the subjects of England and Ireland, to be used only for exchange in small sums to such as are willing to accept the same, and that farthing tokens, made of copper only by virtue of former patents, being unfalsified, may still be in use. The patentees are to send such a quantity of the new and old farthing tokens into as many towns of both kingdoms as may be conceived necessary for use. There is reserved a rent of 100 marks per annum to his Majesty. [Docquet.]

Vol CCXXV, March 1, 1635-6 (Whitehall)
Proclamation concerning Farthing Tokens. Great quantities of counterfeit farthing tokens having been made and vented in England and Ireland, it is the King's pleasure that no farthing tokens shall be paid or received, but such as have been made by the authority of the late or the present King, and if the same be counterfeited, persons offending therein shall be proceeded against. The King also directs that no farthing tokens be enforced upon poor labourers or others against their wills. In order that the farthing tokens made by authority may be distinguished from counterfeits, his Majesty has directed Henry Lord Maltravers and Sir Francis Crane, Chancellor of the Order of the Garter, who have the care of that business, to cause the farthing tokens to be made with such a distinction of brass as will readily make them known. [Coll. Procs. Car. 1., No. 207. 2 pp.]

1636-1637, Edited by John Bruce, Esq., 1867
Vol CCCXLVI, Feb 13, 1636-7
118. Information of John East. Informant having conference with Richard Round about the making of the new patterns of tin or tin farthings, Round told him there was an intention to raise tin to 5s. the pound weight, and to make farthing thereof which should pass for payment. [1/3 p.] Underwritten,

118. I. Information of the Officers of the Farthing Token House. Divers persons have come to the Office for farthings, and have affirmed that they have been showed these white farthings, and have been informed that they only were to pass; wherefore, they did not know what to do in taking the other farthings. [1/3 p.]

Vol CCCXLVI, Feb 13, 1636-7
119. Examination of John Round, a goldsmith, taken before Sir William Parkhurst. Walter Bateman, a prisoner in the King's Bench, came to examinant's house in Mugle [Mugwell] Street, about five months since, and told him that he had moved the King to raise the value of tin to 5s. 4d. in the pound, which the King took in good part. Bateman further told examinant that his intention was to make farthings of tin rated at 6s. 8d., and that the profit to the undertakers should be raised out of his Majesty's benefit. Examinant answered that he would undertake for making stamps if he might have order. Bateman told him that he had an order from Lord Bodwell to make patterns, and examinant, believing his bare word, put the business in action. Bateman, having also told him that Lord Bodwell had made use of one Birch, a graver, to cast patterns for him, Bateman employed Birch for graving and sinking his puncheons. Examinant, Richard Round, his brother, and Birch, were all that were employed in the business. Examinant made tokens of about the weight of 1¼ lb., and bought the tin of Robbins, a pewterer, in Milk Street, where he bought 5 lbs., and usually buys quantities of the same metal for making putty. Bateman had part of the tokens which were made and part he kept himself. He has remaining 18. Cannot tell what is become of the rest. William Golding, of Grub Street, made the stamps for printing the patterns. [1 1/3 p.]

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