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Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series,
of the Reign of Charles II. (1672-1673)

Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office.

1672, July 5. Treasury Chambers
The Earl of Shaftesbury and Sir John Duncombe to Sir Robert Long, Bart., Auditor of the Exchequer. Warrant to draw orders for payment of 5,000l. on account to James Hoare, sen., by virtue of a privy seal. [S.P. Dom. Car. II. 312, No. 138.] Annexed,

Privy seal, dated the 4th, Westminster, to advance to James Hoare, sen., comptroller of the Mint, 15,000l. to pay for the copper blanks and for other expenses connected with the making of farthings. [S.P. Dom. Car. II. 312, No. 138I.]

Note of order taken for payment of 5,000l. of the above, dated 6 July. [S.P. Dom. Car. II. 312, No. 138II.]

1672, July.
Warrant to pay to James Hoare, sen., 15,000l for expenses of coining farthings. [S.P. Dom. Car. II. 313, No. 249.]

1672, August 9., Treasurey Chamber, Whitehall
Warrant from the Earl of Shaftesbury and Sir John Duncombe to Auditor Sir Robert Long, to pay 500l. towards payment for copper blanks and the expense of the coining the copper farthings to James Hoare, senior, Comptroller of the Mint. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 313, No. 254.]

1672, August 5., Whitehall
Warrant to Henry Slingesby, master of the mint, to cause all copper blanks brought into the mint for making farthings, to be coined with the King's portraiture, and the words Carolus a Carolo on one side, and on the other the figure of a woman sitting on a globe, and the word Britannia, with the year of our Lord, and such privy marks as he shall think fit. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 26, f. 123.]

1672, August 16., Whitehall
Proclamation forbidding the use of all privately coined pence, half-pence and farthings, issued by persons or corporations, in lieu of which copper farthings and half-pence have been coined at the Mint, of true intrinsic value, deducting only the charge of coinage, which are to be current henceforth, and received in all payments and exchanges under the value of 6d. [S.P. Dom., Proclamations, Vol. 3. p. 302.]

1672, August 16., Whitehall
Order in Council for printing and publishing a proclamation for coining and making current his Majesty's farthings. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 314, No. 64.]

1672, August 16.
Articles of agreement between Abraham Cronstrom, of Stockholm, and Jas. Hoare, sen., of London, for the delivery yearly, as long as Hoare shall desire, of copper blanks to be coined to the value of 12,000l., at the price of 17d. per lb. avoirdupois. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 314, No. 73.] Annexed,

Power of Attorney from Cronstrom to James Burkin and Joas Eversen, merchants, to deliver the said blanks and receive the monies due for them on his behalf. Dated 19 Aug., London. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 314, No. 73I.]

1672, August 23.
Notice by John Garrill that all persons in this town or country what have coined or uttered pence, half-pence, or farthings of brass, copper, or other metals, are to appear at the Mitre, Cambridge, by 8 next Monday, and there make their composition with the prosecutor, and receive his Majesty's pardon, or else be prosecuted according to law. [Printed form with blanks filled up in writing. S.P. Dom. Car. II. 314, No. 109.]

1673, April 14.
Certificate by the officers of the Mint to Lord Treasurer Clifford of the mode in which they think the 3d. per lb. avoirdupois reserved to his Majesty on the coinage of farthings above the cost of the copper should be distributed; viz. 1 3/4d. in expenses of coinage to the workmen, and 5 farthings in proportions specified to the mint officers employed therein and for incidental purposes. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 335, No. 48.]

1673, April 29., Wallingford house
Lord Treasurer Clifford to James Hoare. Authorizing him, out of the 15,000l. allowed for the copper farthings, to pay the wayes, allowances and salaries of the Mint officers as specified in their representation, calendared ante, p. 144. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 335, No. 96.]

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