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Proclamation of Charles II, Issued 05 December 1674

Enjoining the Prosecution of Persons making or uttering farthings, half-pence, or pence of brass with private stamps

By the King. A Proclamation enjoining the prosecution of all such persons as shall make or utter any farthings, half-pence, or pence of brass, or utter base metals with private stamps.

Charles R.

Whereas His Majesty, having by his royal proclamation of the 16th August, in the twenty-fourth year of his reign [1672], forbidden the use of all private farthings, did cause sufficient quantities of copper farthings and half-pence, of the intrinsic value, to be coined for the general good and convenience of his subjects: nevertheless, His Majesty has been informed that several persons and corporations remote from London have forborne to call in their private farthings, and do still presume to make use of and utter the same; whereby they continue not only to violate the laws of this Kingdom, and defraud His Majesty's good subjects, but hinder the vending of those half-pence and farthings which were provided for necessary exchange, which would have been ere this time dispersed in those parts, if the said abuses of stamping and uttering of private farthings had been duely suppressed: His Majesty, therefore, to the end that all offenders to the premises, who are now left without excuse, may know the danger they daily incur, and desist from any further proceeding in the like kind, hath thought fit by this his royal proclamation to publish and declare his royal will and pleasure to be, that a strict and severe inquiry shall be made, of all persons that shall, after the 2d day of February, next ensuing [1674/5], stamp, vent, utter, or in any way make use of in payment or exchange, any half-pence, farthings, or other pieces of brass, copper, or other base metals whatsoever, other than the half-pence and farthings of His Majesties royal proclamation authorized and allowed; and whosoever shall be found culpable therein shall be severely punished. And for that purpose, His Majesty doth hereby will and command all his judges, justices of assize, justices of the peace, and all other inferior officers and ministers of justice whatsoever, that they take care at their several and respective courts, assizes, quarter-sessions, and other inferior courts, that have or may have cognizance or punishment of the said offences, that after the 2d day of February they cause all such as shall offend in the premises to be proceeded against, and punished as they deserve.

Given at our Court at Whitehall, the 5th day of December, in the twenty-sixth year of our reign [1674].

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