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P0062__0, Lennox Round Farthing of James I: Click Images to Enlarge
Lennox Round Currency (Copper): (1614-1625)
O  Crown with 5 jewels on the circlet (the two annulet privy mark coins have 9 jewels), crossed scepters through the crown. Scepter-heads extend to the base of the legend and IACO starts near the right scepter-head. Privy mark at start of legend at top center on obverse only
IACO : D : G : MAG : BRIT : (or [: BRI :] or [: BRITA :])
R  Harp with eagle's head or, in a few cases, plain, and 5, 6, or 7 strings, crown above with 5 jewels on the circlet
Privy mark on obverse only, small crowns with five jewels on circlet
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