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P0305__0, Rose, Double-arched crown Farthing of Charles I: Click Images to Enlarge
Rose, Double-arched crown Currency (Copper): (1636-1644)
O  Crown with double arch; crossed long scepters through the crown, the scepter handles extend to the edge of the coin, wire inner circle, privy mark, when present, at top center at start of legend
CAROLVS · D : G : MAG : BRIT : (top dot of colon is a dot or an apostrophe)
R  Double rose with double-arched crown above, wire inner circle, privy mark, when present, at end of legend
FRAN ET HIB REX (or [HIBE] or [HIBER]) (with various stops)
Scepter-handles on obverse extend nearly to edge of flan, BRIT in legend
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