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Coins of England : William III and Mary II (Proof)

S Numbers refer to Spink's  Coins of England and the United Kingdom, 42nd ed., (2007)
P Numbers refer to Peck's  English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958, 2nd ed., (1964)
M Numbers refer to Montagu's  Copper, Tin and Bronze Coinage and Patterns for Coins of England, 2nd ed., (1893)

O: Obverse | R: Reverse | E: Edge Click Images to View Coin Details
S3453-P Proof Farthing (Silver): (1694)
O  Large cojoined busts of William cuirassed and Mary draped right, the bust of William in front of and partially obscuring that of Mary. William is laureated and has short hair, the wreath tie shows two loose ends. Mary's head is bare. The legend is broken by the heads between GVLIELMVS and ET. Toothed border.
R  Britannia in loosely fitting drapery, seated left on globe, right leg bare below the knee and forward across the left. Drapery hangs from her right shoulder and upright arm. Her right hand is raised almost vertically and holding a spray of leaves. At her left side is an ornamented oval shield having on it the crosses of St George (upright) and St Andrew (diagonal). Her left hand rests on the shield and clasps a long spear that rests in the crook of her arm and which extends down to the double exergue line, 1694 in exergue. Toothed border.
E  Plain
Approximate value in the condition shown (NEF) $1050.00
P0625__0 Farthing, Proof Farthing in Silver of William III and Mary II

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