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: Currency, George II (Copper): (1746-1754)
O  Older laureate bust of George II left, wearing a cuirassed. Wreath tied behind the neck with a riband which shows two loose ends. Five plates on the shoulder armor, toothed border. Legend broken between stop and II.
R  Britannia seated left on globe, her right hand extended, holding a spray of leaves, her left hand raised and grasping a spear which rests in the crook of her arm and extends down to rest on the exergue line. Resting against her left side is an ornamented oval shield bearing the combined crosses of St George and St Andrew. The legend is interrupted between the Ns by the head and spear. Double exergue line with date below, line consists of a thin line above a thicker line. Lower line extends nearly to the border on both sides
Approximate value in the condition shown (VF) $60.00
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