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: Currency, George III (Copper): (1806-1807)
O  Laureate bust of George III draped right, wreath consists of 11 leaves and is tied behind the neck with a riband showing 2 loops and 2 loose ends. Drapery fastened at shoulder with a brooch of 6 jewels. On the lowest fold of the shoulder drapery, which is plain, is K· in incuse. Date below. Beaded border and raised outer rim
R  Britannia, in clinging drapery, seated left on a rock, waves in foreground. Right hand outstretched holding an olive-branch having 7 to 9 leaves and no berries. Her left handis down at her thigh and clasps a trident which is nestled in the crook of her arm. By her left side is an oval shield bearing the combined crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick all heraldically colored. On a rectangular tablet below the shield is the word SOHO reading diagonally down to the right, and to the left of the shield a raised K. Before her, on the sea, is a three-masted warship sailing to the left. The base of the design is cut off straight. Beaded border and raised outer rim.
Approximate value in the condition shown (NF) $10.00
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