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: Currency, George IV (Copper): (1821-1826)
O  Laureate and draped bust of George IV left, wreath has 13 leaves and is tied behind the neck with a riband showing one loop and two loose ends. The central ribs of the three lowest leaves are either raised or incuse. The drapery is fastened at the shoulder with a circular brooch. The legend is broken between the IIII and DEI. Toothed border and narrow raised rim.
R  Britannia seated on rock to right wearing long, flowing robes and wearing a crested and plumed helmet. Her left hand outstretched and raised, grasping a trident below the head. Her right hand rests on an oval shield bearing the combined crosses of St George and St Andrew (the Union Flag) and clasps a spray of olive leaves with 8 berries. Her drapery partly obscures the upper right portion of the shield. At her feet are the head and forepaw of a lion crouching right. A row of waves below, with the date in the exergue. Toothed border and narrow raised rim.
Approximate value in the condition shown (EF) $50.00
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