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: Proof, George IV (Copper): (1826)
O  Laureate head of George IV left, truncated at the base of the neck. Short hair with rough curls with the wreath tied behind with a riband having two loops and one loose end which hangs down and then bends forward across part of his neck. 1826 below between two oval, beaded ornaments. Rounded-tooth border with a narrow, raised rim.
R  Britannia seated to right on rock wearing long, flowing robes and scale armor across her breast. She wears a Corinthian helmet with the plume reaching nearly to her shoulder. Her right leg is forward and her left is pulled back. Her right hand rests on an oval shield at her side bearing the combined crosses of St George and St Andrew (the Union Flag). The line running down the arms of the saltire is raised or incuse. Her left hand is extended and raised, clasping a trident ornamented with a balls on short stems on either side of the shaft below the prongs. Below, in the exergue, is a rose with three leaves, to the right a thistle with two leaves, to the left a shamrock, their stems crossing below the rose. The legend is broken by the helmet and trident. Toothed border and narrow raised rim.
Approximate value in the condition shown (FDC) $400.00
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