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: Currency, Victoria (Bronze): (1874-1882 H)
O  Older mantled bust of Victoria left, with thicker neck, wearing bodice, on her head a wreath of leaves and berries, tied behind the neck with a crimped riband with two ends. The hair is parted and carried over the ear to be formed into a plaited bun behind. The mantle is embroidered with part of a rose, thistle, and shamrock. Drapery lower on bust so brooch on previous types is missing. On the edge of the shoulder the word HONI SO or S, with part of the Star of the Garter. Legend around, broken by the head between G and BRITT. All within a thin, raised linear circle, a toothed circle, and a narrow, outer raised rim.
R  Britannia seated on a rock to right, wearing long, flowing robes over a breastplate of scaled armor. Her hair extends down her neck to her shoulder, and on her head is a Corinthian helmet with a plume which breaks the legend between R and T. Her left hand is outstretched and raised, grasping a trident below the head, the staff of the trident disappears behind her left leg. The head of the trident extends between the H and I. Her right hand rests on the edge of a circular shield at her right side, on it are the combined crosses forming the Union Flag. To the left of the shield stands a lighthouse on rocks with the sea around. To the right of her legs a ship with large pennant sails away. Date with H below in exergue and a beaded or toothed border.
Approximate value in the condition shown (EF) $30.00
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