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: Currency, Victoria (Bronze): (1895-1897)
O  Bust of Victoria draped left, wearing a diadem partly covered by a veil which falls down onto her shoulder. The emblem of the Order of the Garter on her left above the truncation, partly covered by the veil. A pearl or beaded necklace about her neck with a pendant and a single-drop earrings hangs from her visible ear. Below the shoulder truncation are the initials T.B. (Thomas Brock). Bright finish. Tooded border with a narrow, raised rim.
R  Britannia seated on a rock to right, wearing long, flowing robes over a breastplate of scaled armor. On her head is a Corinthian helmet with a plume which breaks the legend between R and T. Her left hand is outstretched and raised, grasping a plain trident below the head, the staff of the trident disappears behind her left leg. The head of the trident extends between the H and I. Her right hand rests on the edge of a large oval shield at her right side, on it are the combined crosses forming the Union Flag, her drapery partially covering the upper right of the shield. Date in exergue and a toothed border and narrow raised rim.
Approximate value in the condition shown (NVF) $5.00
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