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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The tokens of this county consist of halfpennies and farthings, which range from 1652 to 1671. There are Town-pieces of Biggleswade and Langford. Many of the Bedford notes were originally compiled by Admiral Smyth, F.S.A., and have been largely added to. The list of places issuing tokens is increased in this edition by the following names: Clifton, Cardington, Cople, Goldington, Henlow, Kempston, Oakley, Silsoe, Stevington, and Upper Dean, and forty-two new tokens in all are added to the county, while very many corrections of misprints and errors in the first edition have been made. Many of the notes on the issuers are of unusual interest.

From: Trade Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth Century in England, Wales, and Ireland, by Corporations, Merchants, Tradesmen, etc. A New and Revised Edition of William Boyne's Work. George C Williamson, 1889, 1891.

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