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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The Editor regrets that he has been unable to find any collector specially interesting himself in the tokens of Buckinghamshire, and he has consequently been unable to optain any notes on the issuers. The county has never yet had the benefit of systematic research as to its tokens, and no new places of issue have been heard of by the Editor since the first edition. A number of corrections have been made, and the addenda includes about 40 new tokens and varieties.

Two places of issue, Lavendon and Morsley, are added to those named by Boyne. The earliest date is 1652, and the latest 1669. The arms of the following trading companies appear on the tokens: mercers, cloth-workers, drapers, grocers, brewers, apothecaries, vintners, haberdashers, bakers, gunmakers, cordwainers, and tanners. The use of the word obolus, which has become a slang term, is unusual, and occurs in an abbreviated form on No. 31. It is interesting to find the well-known manufacture of lace at Buckingham, referred to on Nos. 36 and 37.

Several of the tokeners are particular in referring to the county, as well as the town, of issue. The following Nos. expressly refer the place of issue to Buckinghamshire, Nos. 6, 19, 23, 25, 29, 80, and 105. It is a somewhat curious circumstance how many of the places of issue have double names, Fenny Stratford, Great Horwood, St Peter's Chalfont, Little Brickhill, Great Marlow, Newport Pagnell, North Crawley, Prince's Risborough, Steeple Claydon, Stony Stratford, High Wycombe, and Great Wycombe--twelve out of thirty-seven places of issue.

The issue of two tokens by carriers at Haddenham and Waddesden is unusual, this calling being but seldom represented on tokens.

It is thought that the trade of tobacco-manufacturers is referred to in tokens Nos. 6 and 147. [Both are Halfpennys] The latter is interesting also as being a partnership token. The spelling is singularly various. In the tokens of Stony Stratford the name of the town is spelt in six ways, Amersham in five ways, Aylesbury in seven ways, Fenny Stratford in three ways, and Wycombe in six ways. There are no pennies nor town-pieces issued in this county.

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