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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The dates on the tokens of this county extend from 1651 (No. 40) to 1671 (No. 168). Of these year, 1657 and 1667 were the most prolific, nearly one quarter (29) of the whole number of tokens (214) bearing the latter date. [Williamson obviously has a math error here! This percentage is closer to 15% than 25%.]

A catalogue of Cambridgeshire tokens, by Charles Cardale Babington, M.A., was published in the Communications of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, vol. i., pp. 15-28 [1851]. Charles H. Cooper, esq., Coroner of Cambridge, prints a list of tokens of the town of Cambridge, compiled by Mr. Bowtell (MS. Bowtell, iii. 647-652), about the year 1810, in his "Annals of Cambridge," vol. iii. [1845], pp. 541-543. He likewise sent to Mr. Boyne a few additions, as did also Samuel Smith, esq., of Wisbech, with some interesting notes.

There are also articles in the "East Anglian," vol. ii., pp. 349, 367; vol. iii., pp. 2, 39, by Justin Simpson; vol. iii., p. 47, by C Golding; vol. iii., p. 11 (notes by C. Golding, and another correspondent). See also MS. Cole xxxii. 163, 192 [Brit. Mus.].

The above and other materials the Rev. W. G. Searle, M.A. used in his pamphlet, "The Coins, Tokens, and Medals of the Town, County, and University of Cambridge," published by the Cambridge Antiquarian Society in 1871.

"Thence to Cambridge, where the Muses
Haunt the Vine-bush, as their use is;
Like sparks up a chimney warming,
Or flyes bear a dunghill swarming.
In a ring they did enclose me,
Vowing they would never lose me.
'Bout midnight for drinke I call, sir,
As I had drunk nought at all, sir;
But all this did little shame me,
Tipsy went I, tipsy came I;
Grounds, greenes, groves, are wet and homely,
But the schollers would'rous comely."
Barnabee's Journal

Cambridge Tokens Whose MM. is not a Mullet on Both Sides


13. James Anderson
61. John Lowry
50. Thomas Powell

No. MM.

47. William Gorham

Rose of five leaves

14. Nicholas Apthorpe
16-7. John Bird
19. Jonathan Browne
82. Will. Waterson

Mullet and rose

63. John Marston

Heraldic rose of six leaves

15. William Bassett
34. Ri. Cooke
35. John Craske
56. Francis Jerman
57. Stephen Johnson
71-3. Thomas Powell
80. Benjamin Spence

Trades whose Arms are given on the Cambridgeshire Tokens

Dates of Cambridgeshire Tokens
1651 E__ F__, at the Mitre Inn
1652 Wm Bryan; Edw. Clark; John Ewin; John Newton
1653 Edward Challis; Francis Challis; John Sparkes
1654 Edw. Clark (Cole). Cornelius Fuller, Ely; Hovell Joanes, Soham
1656 Peter Collins, Hy. Meales, Abington; John Reade, Ely; Rob. Neale, March; John Clment, Sutton; Wm. Burten, Swavesey
1657 John Lowry (?); Will. Waterson. St. Apthorpe, Gamlingay; John Bittin, Linton; Thos. Harrison, March; "Ockington"; Wm. Waite, Newmarket; Nath. Stearne, Soham; John Buckhurst, Samuel Seeley, Sutton
1658 Owen Mayfield, John Eades, Whittlesey; Henry Tunard, Wisbech; Nicholas Mallabar, Ely; Thos. Smith, Abington; Howell Jones, Soham
1659 Joseph Tifford. Ralph Skittar, Ely; Stephen Apthorpe, Gamlinghay; Wm. Bryant, Newmarket; Thos. Dawson, Swaffham
1660 Rob Harwood; Hy Raper. Ro. Denton, Swaffham
1661 Wm. Turkington, Ely
1662 Wm. Gotobed, Ely; Hy. "Tinard," Wisbech
1663 Joseph Linsey; Francis Russell. Thos. Porter, Ely; Hy Tunard, Wisbech
1664 Thos. Fellsted. Thos Lensley, Ely; Rob. Moody, Isleham; Thos. Trowell, Soham; Saml. Vincent, Wm. Boyce, James Broonles, Thos. Nurish, Upwell; Ri. Harrison, and John Moyes, Wisbech
1665 Sam. Long; Thos. Powell (Bowtell). John Bellamy, Wisbech
1666 Jos. Heath; Thos. Powell. Hugh Conny, Caston; John Weatherhead, Ely; St. Apthorpe, Gamlingay; Wm. Reade, Isleham; John Ingram, March; Mary Kent, Soham; John Turner, Wilbraham; John Finch, Wisbech
1667 John Bird; John Chaplin; John Craske; John Dod; Francis Hampson; James Hawke; Francis Jerman; James Potter; Thos. Powell; Sarah Pleydell, Wm. Wells, Thos. Dring, Chatteris; Rob. Little, Charles Seale, Croydon; Hy. Austin, Wm. Chevill, John Knowls, Ely; John Badcock, Fordham; Jos. Hervie, Gamlingay; John North, Hinxton; Eliz. Allen, Isleham; Rob. Halls, Rob. Moore, Linton; Thos. Harrison, March; Hy. Francis, Newmarket; Jeffrey Willison, Newton; Rob. Ives, Whittlesey; John Bellamy, Ant. Rachell, Wisbech
1668 Thos. Ewen; John Perke; Benj. Spence. Ro. Millard, Caston; Ph. Chambers, Cottenham; Hy. Johnson, Croydon; Ro. Adams, Doddington; Littleport; John Pearce, Littlington; Thos. Robinson, Upwell; Thos. Davie, Whittlesey; Hy. Coldwell, Wisbech
1669 Wm. Bassett; Ri. Cooke; St. Johnson. John Johnson, Doddington; Thos. Harrison, Thos. Towers, March; Wm. Briant, Walter Poulter, Newmarket; John Norris, Willingham
1670 John Frohock; Wm. Smith. Thos. Coape, Wm. Smith, Chatteris; Chr. Challice, Histon; Ro. Adams, John Saunders, March
1671 Rob. Crow, Soham
Exteme Dates
1651 "At the Miter in Cambridge"
1671 Robt. Crow, of Soham

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