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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

In the original edition, much use was made of the catalogues issued by the late Wm. Henry Brockett, Esq., of Gateshead, and assistance from the late Thomas Bateman, Esq., of Lomberdale House, Youlgrave, and the late Llewellyn Jewitt, Esq., F.S.A., of Derby, was also fully recognised. The editor of this edition most thankfully recognises the invaluable aid given him in the work by his esteemed and much-lamented friend, Mr. Jewitt, who, after assisting Mr. Boyne in the first edition, most willingly offered his aid in making the second edition more interesting by notes on the issuers. This work of compiling these notes, though commenced, was never half completed, as the sudden decease of Mr. Jewitt deprived antiquarian science of one of its most devoted followers, and every youthful helper in the field of archaeology of a generous friend. To the editor the loss was irreparable, no other person possessing equal knowledge of the county; and the editor tenders his very hearty thanks to Henry S. Gill, Esq., J.P., of Tiverton, who kindly consented to look over the county, and make addenda and corrigenda from his accumulated store of information on tokens. The name of Brampton is the only one added to the places of issue, many corrections of the first edition are made, and, inclusive of varieties, the addition of twenty-four tokens.

The editor has not ventured to add any notes to those given by the late Mr. Jewitt, feeling that a sacred respect for his interrupted work is the best tribute to his memory.

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