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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The Editor desires to acknowledge most gratefully the valuable aid given in the compilation of this county by Henry S. Gill, Esq., J.P., of Tiverton, who most kindly placed his store of information at his disposal. The information given in Mr. Gill's pamphlet on the tokens of Hants he most kindly presented for the use of the Editor, and supplemented his aid with very many new descriptions noted since the issue of his pamphlet. Inclusive of varieties, upwards of one hundred new descriptions have been added to those in the first edition, and the following places issuing tokens added to those previously known: Crondall, East Meon, Emsworth, Hartford Bridge, Hartley Row, Havant, Hook, Hurstbourne, and Noton. There are tokens issued by six places in their corporate capacity, i.e., Alton, Andover, Newport, Romsey, Southampton, and Winchester, and those of Andover are unusually interesting.

Several of the places which issued tokens have considerably altered since the seventeent century, and such places as Liphook, Hartford Bridge, Hartley Row, and Lymington--places of importance, with flourishing posting-houses in the old coaching days, are now nothing more than villages.

The county would well repay careful investigation, and if search were made in the parish registers, and municipal archives by someone on the spot, many notes as to issuers might easily be obtained. Distance has alone prevented the Editor pursuing many such investigations as to the old-fashioned and most interesting county of Southampton.

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