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17th Century Tokens : Leominster in Herefordshire

W Numbers refer to Williamson's  Trade Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth Century in England, Wales and Ireland, (1891)

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W56: Herefordshire, Leominster (Farthing): (1663)
O  The Mercers' Arms
R  I T C
Image not available
Jeromy Clarke was bailiff of the borough in 1675, and assessed for one fire-hearth in High Street Ward.

The following extracts from the parish registers of Leominster relate to the various issuers and their families:

James, the son of Jeremiah Clarke, and Thomason, his wife, was baptized the first day Aprill, 1662. The sonne of Mr. Jeremiah Clarke was buried the 11th September, 1662.

1663. Judeth, the daur. of Jeremiah Clarke and Thomason, his wife, was baptized the 10th May.

1666. Joyce, the daughter of Jeremia Clarke, was baptized the 26th day. . . .

1670. Jeremias, the son of Jeremias Clarke, mercer, and Thomason, his wife, was baptized the twenty-seventh day.

1673. Mary and Elianor, the daughters of Mr. Jeremy Clarke, and Thomason, his wife, were baptized the xxth day of February.

W57: Herefordshire, Leominster (Farthing): (1666)
O  1666
R  W E C
Image not available
William Clent was assessed for three fire-hearths in High Street Ward.

1667. Mary, the daughter of William Clent and Elizabeth, his wife, was baptized the 29th day of March.

1668. Elizabeth Clent was buried the 27th day of Aprill.

W59: Herefordshire, Leominster (Farthing): (Date Unknown)
O  The Mercers' Arms
R  T S F
Image not available
Thomas Foorde was Bailiff in 1646, and assessed for four fire-hearths in High Street Ward, 17 Car. II.

1653. Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas ffoord, gent., and Sara, his wife, was born the tenth day of July, 1653, and baptized the -- day of the same.

1656. Isaac, the sonn of Thomas ffoord, gent., and Sara, his wife, was borne the twenty-third day of July, and baptized the last day of the same.

1658. Ann, the daughter of Thomas ffoord, gent., and Sara, his wife, was borne the fifth day of May, and baptized the sixteenth of the same.

1665. Aprill. Elizabeth ffoard was buried the 20th.

1665. May. Elizabeth ffoard, spinster, was buried the 20th day.

1668. Anne, the daughter of Thomas ffoord., gent., was buried the 30th day of May.

W64: Herefordshire, Leominster (Farthing): (Date Unknown)
O  A shield
R  A shield
Image not available
From a description in Townsend's "History of Leominster," p. 146:

John Steade, Bailiff in 1663, was assessed for four fire-hearths in High Street Ward, 17 Car. II. He was a solicitor and the first town clerk of the borough, and was deputed by the Bailiff and Burgesses to proceed to London to superintend the arrangements preliminary to the renewal of their charter by Charles II. in 1665. His charges to the Corporation on this occasion amounted to the goodly sum of £125 10s., and on his return to Leominster the Bailiff and Burgesses awaited his arrival from Worcester, at the end of Etnam Street, and accompanied him, sitting on horseback, and carrying the charter open on his breast, in full civic procession, with the maces and macebearers, to the Market Cross, where they publicly drank the King's health amidst the cheers and congratulations of the inhabitants.--Townsend's Hist., pp. 138-9.

Moorcourt, in the parish of Pembridge, the residence of the late Rev. James Davies, was the property of a John Stead in the seventeenth century, held by him in(?) right of his wife, who was a Vaughan. He was buried at Dilwyn, 14th April, 1662, and may have been the father of the Bailiff of Leominster.

It was a curious circumstance for a solicitor to have issued a token, but it may have been a townpiece issued by Stead in his capacity of bailiff. The token is not fully described by Townsend, and possibly the examination of a specimen may clear the matter up.

The following entries from the registers of the parish refer to this issuer:

1650. Rowland, the sonne of John Steade and Johan, his wife, was baptised the seaventh day of January.

1655. John, the sonne of John Steade, gentn., and Joan, his wife, was baptised the 10th day of June.

1658. Edmund, the sonne of Mr. John STeade, and Joan, his wife, was baptised the sixth day of October.

1662. Francis, the sonne of John Steade, gent., and Joan, his wife, was baptized the twentie seaventh daie of Aprill.

1674. Joan, the wife of John Steade, Town Clarke of this Burrough, was buried the xxviith day.

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