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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The Editor is indebted to Wm. Emery, Esq., of The Bank, St. Neots, for much assistance given in the correction of this county, and to the esteemed sub-editor for Cornwall, R. N. Worth, Esq., for diligent research as to the proper habitat of the St Ives and St Neots tokens. Many corrections from the first edition have been made, and but two new places of issue--Fenny Stanton and Glatton--have been discovered, although some twenty new tokens and varieties have been added to this small county. It is still a difficult matter to determine the county to which the St Ives and St Neots tokens belong, but that have been arranged as far as can at present be determined. The prevalence of double places of issue in this county is unusual. There are tokens of Ramsey and Chatteris (27), St. Ives and Ramsey (32), Infield and St. Ives (43), Eynesbury and [?]oten (7). Probably the traders issuing them were successful men, with more than one house of business. There is one partnership token (46), W. and J. Perret. Three St. Ives issuers and one at Somersham give the name of the county, and at least four issuers bear family arms. The town pieces of St. Ives and St. Neots are particularly interesting, and from their legend appear to have been specially issued for the benefit of the female poor of the places of issue.

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