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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

Whilst the Cheshire series of tokens possesses a large proportion of pennies, this adjoining county is remarkable for the paucity of their issue.

Amongst the Lancashire series punning devices are not uncommonly found. We have the following examples: James Bolton, of Blackburn, a bolt through a tun; Robert Moss, of Bolton, a bolt in a tun; James Norris, of Bolton, a bolt in a tun; Thomast Cuttler, of Clitheroe, a sword; Robert Tallbot, of Clitheroe, a talbot passant; and James Archer, of Preston, an archer. Loyal sentiments also appear. Hugh Cooper, of Chorley, has "GOD SAVE THE KING," and for a device the rose and crown; Charles Rodgers, of Leigh, the Royal oak crowned; John Lord, of Haslingden, a unicorn; Thomas Greene, of Lancaster, John Greenwood, of Lancaster, and Samuell Rathborne, of Liverpool, a lion rampant, the same device being part of the arms of the Duchy of Lancaster; Lawrence Nuttall, of Oldham, a crown; and John Butterworth, of Rochdale, a queen's head crowned; Edward Borron, of Warrington, a crown; and Elizabeth Woolley, of Warrington, the Prince of Wales's crest.

Religious emblems are often met with. James Wolstenholme, of Chorley, has the device of the bleeding heart; John Crampton, of "LANCASHIRE," two keys in saltire; John Lawson, of Lancaster, the lamb and flag; John Wall, of Prescot, the dove and olive-branch. The emblem of the lamb and flag is also represented on the tokens issued by Joseph Bolton, of Preston, John Kellet and Thomas Woley, of Preston; Christopher Nowell, of PReston, and Rich. and John Sumpner, of Preston; Thomas Pigott, of Warrington, and Richard Worral, of Warrington, a pot of lilies; William Varley, of Whalley, the bleeding heart; and Robert Winstanley, of Wigan, the dove and olive-branch.

The church at Ormskirk is represented on the token issued by William Haydock, of Ormskirk, and the embattled bridge at Warrington on the token issued by Thomas Casson, of Warrington; the legend of the babes in the wood is represented on the heart-shape token issued by Roger Gorsuch, of Liverpool.

The tradition of the eagle and child is represented on the tokens of William Prockter, of Lancaster; James Hamar, of Rochdale; and William Jackson, of Holland.

Monograms are met with on tokens of Benjamine Walker, of Ashton-under-Lyne; William Boardman, of Halliwell; Jefrey Woods, of Kirham; Mary Davis, of Kirkham; John Charleton, of Manchester; and Richard Hunt, of Manchester.

Crests or family arms are sometimes displayed. James Bolton, of Blackburn; Rob. Dicconson, of Chorley; William Dweryhowse, of Liverpool; John Dichfield, of Warrington; Jerard Bankes, of Wigan; Thomas Cooper, of Wigan; and Mathew Markland, of Wigan, have each the crest or arms of their family represented on their respective tokens. The arms of the city of London are represented on the token issued by Andrew Bury, of Manchester.

The arms of the incorporated trade companies, or guilds of the city of London, or some part thereof, are also extensively exhibited. We have the following examples: the Apothecaries' on the tokens issued by Richard Howarth, of Blackburn; John Mashter, of Lancaster; John Pemberton, of Liverpool; Andrew Bury, of Machester; John Charleton, of Manchester; John Cadman, of PReston; Thomas Pigott, of Warrington; and Gilbert Barrow, of Wigan. The Armourers' on the octagonal-shape token issued by William Laithwaite, of Wigan. The Bakers' on the tokens issued by James Hardgreaves, of Haslingden; Joshua Crosbie, of Ormskirk; and Jane Murray and Jo. Pickering, of Warrington. The Cordwainers' on the token issued by Thomas Wasley, of Chorley. The Drapers' on the tokens issued by John Townley, of Clitheroe; Thomas Alcocke, of Crosby; Edward Williamson, of Liverpool; Thomas Farrar, of Ormskirk; James Smith, of Poulton; and Bruen Sixsmith, of Warrington. The Grocers' on the tokens issued by Edmund Robinson, of Clitheroe; Mary Davis, of Kirkham; Thomas Johnson, of Liverpool; Emary Oldfeild, of Manchester; Samuell Winter, of Manchester; Thomas Crosbie, of Ormskirk; Joseph Bolton, of Preston; Roger Haddock and John Ravald, of Preston; John Kellet and Thomas Woley, of Preston; John Shield, of Preston; Rich. and John Sumpner, of Preston; Joshua Strengfellow, of Rochdale; Thomas Wrexham, of Warrington; and Robert Markland, of Wigan. The Innholders' on the token issued by Benjamin Walker, of Ashton-under-Lyne; James Brindle, of Blackburn; Lawrence Townley, of Burnley; and Mathew Deane, of Prescot. The Tallowchandlers' on the tokens issued by John Goulding, of Ashton-under-Lyne; John Doson, of Heaton; John Wall, of Prescot; Mathew Markland, of Wigan; and Robert Winstanley, of Wigan. The Weavers' on the token issued by Robert Martlers, of Rochdale. The Woolmen on the tokens issued by Richard Higson, of Leigh, and Adam Twsite, of Chowbent. The only town token in this series was issued at Tarleton.

Nathan Heywood

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