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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The tokens of this county are few in number, and are all of late date; the earliest was issued in the year of the Restoration. Snelling gives the token of William Meredith, of Caerleon, as a town-piece, but he was mistaken.

In the former edition fifteen tokens were described. The following list, besides corrections, includes five additional descriptions.

The county of Monmouth distinguished itself during the Civil War by its strong adherence to the cause of the King, due no doubt to the influence and example of its most worthy nobleman, the Marquis of Worcester and his son, whose loyalty and devotion to the royal cause cost them so dearly. The tokens of the county bear witness to the feelings of its inhabitants by the mottoes and objects represented on their obverse and reverse, viz, the King's head, the Prince of Wales's plumes, and the portcullis, which was the crest of the Marquis of Worcester.

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