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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

To the places named by Boyne as issuing tokens the following two additional places have been added, i.e., Bowden and Whittlebury; whit the token attributed to Deene has been removed.

Of varieties and new tokens, thirty-nine have been added, bringing up the number from 138 to 179.

The tokens issued by the "chamberlaine" in Northampton are of peculiar interest, and in Peterborough a town-piece was issued by the overseers, and changed by the town bailiff according to the inscription.

It has been interesting to find in the record of Peterborough the original entry relating to the issue of these very overseers' tokens.

Nothing can be more absurd than the varieties of spelling adopted by the Peterborough tokeners.

Nos. 166 and 167 (a halfpenny) were evidently the work of the same engraver, the style and character of the two tokens being exactly similar.

The notes connect very many of the issuers with the local history, and are of particular value to the local historian and topographer.

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