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17th Century Tokens : Cranleigh in Surrey

W Numbers refer to Williamson's  Trade Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth Century in England, Wales and Ireland, (1891)

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W34: Surrey, Cranleigh (Uncertain): (Date Unknown)
O  Mercers' Arms and a head
R  W D
Image not available
In the Feet of Fines, Surrey, Hilary, 30th and 31st Charles II (1678-9) we read:"John Mower, plaintiff, and William Didlefold and Margaret his wife, defendant, of one cottage, one barn, one garden, one orchard, and three acres land, with apportenances in Cranleigh, the same granted to the said John, who paid £60 sterling."

The will of William Didlesfold, of Gasson (or Gaston), in the parish of Cranley, county of Surrey, yeoman, in the Will Office (booke Pye, folio 56), reads:

"To the eldest son Richard he bequeaths all his messuages and tenements known by the name of Stovoll Lane and Vastbridge Lands and Farm in the Parishes of Alfold and Hascomb, also containing 160 acres, to his heirs and assigns for ever: to his youngest son, William Didlesfold, his messuage and lands of Gasson with the appurtenances; to his three daughters, Anne, Elizabeth and Sarah, £200 each. Dated 9th Jany, 1672. Proved 3rd May, 1673."

He was assessed in the Subsidy Roll, 16th Charles I, 1640, 186-451, at 16s.

And in 187-479, 14th Charles II, schedule of persons exempted from payment of hearth-tax we read: "William Didlesfold, four hearths."There are two members of this family mentioned in the rolls of the same Christian and surnames, one declared of Gasson, who is one of the assessors in 15th Charles II, and possesses land value 20s, and the other declared as living in the street without home.

W35: Surrey, Cranleigh (Farthing): (1667)
O  The Mercers' Arms
R  I M
Image not available
In the Will Office (Book, Wootton, folio 590), we find:

"The will, dated 22 May, 1653, of John Mower, of Cobham, yeoman, who devises to Joan his wife two rooms in Stoners Hill, or in any other of his houses, with furniture and bedding for the same; to Anne Mainwaring, his daughter, 10s.; to John Mower, his son, the House he lives in and £10 a year out of his lease of Bagshot; to his son, Thomas Mower, 20s. a year out of the same lease; to his cousin, Joseph Mower, his annuity out of the Manor of Vann in Godallman, and to his heirs for ever; to Joseph Mower, his son, the manor of Forstres in Windelsham, and to his heirs for ever, out of which to pay Robert Mower, another son, £50; to his son Robert his house, called Janes, in Windlesham; to his son Daniel his house and land in Cranleigh. He appoints his sons Joseph, Robert and Daniel to be executors. Proved 2nd Sept., 1658."

In the Feet of Fines, Hilary, 17th and 18th Charles II, 1664-5, is this entry:

"John Childe, Gent, plaintiff, and John Mower, defendant, of one messuage, of one garden, one orchard, 120 acres of land, 5 acres of meadow, 40 acres pasture, 5 acres of Wood in Cranleigh, granted to John Childe, who pays £160 sterling."

And again, Hilary, 16th and 17th Charles II, 1664-5:

"John Mower and George Enticknapp, plaintiffs, and William Furlonger, defendant, of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 50 acres of land, 5 acres meadow, 20 acres pasture, 8 acres wood, and appurtenances in Dunsfold and Hascombe, and the said William granting the same to the said John and George, who paid £100 sterling."

In the Hearth-tax, 15th Charles II, 188-481, we read: "Wiliam Mower, of Cranleigh, 1 hearth"; and again, "He was assessed in the Subsidy Roll of 16th Charles II., No 186-451, at 8s."

In No. 187-479, 14th Charles II. Schedule of persons exempted from payment of hearth-tax--John Mower, one hearth.

In the Feet of Fines, Hilary, 14th and 15th Charles II. (1662-3):

"William Strudwick, Gent, plaintiff, John Mower and Elizabeth his wife, defendants, of one messuage, one garden, one orchard, 100 acres of land, and 30 acres of pasture in Cranleigh, granted to the said William, who pays £160 sterling."

A John Mower was buried in Cranleigh Church, and a tombstone records his death, July 9, 1746, aged 63. He is spoken of as a mercer. There are also inscriptions to the memory of ten other members of the family.

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