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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The tokens of the Principality form a small but interesting series--more than half of those issued in North Wales being pennies, although no larger generally than ordinary halfpenny or farthing tokens; while those of South Wales are all halfpennies and farthings. The large number of penny tokens in North Wales and its border counties of Chester and Salop is remarkable, for among them there are more than in the whole of the other counties.

the earliest date is 1660, and none appear to have been issued after 1670.

The only town pieces were issued at Beaumaris and Brecon.

The former edition described fifty-one tokens, to which the present list adds forty-one: total ninety-two.

The arrangement of the towns in alphabetical order, irrespective of counties, as in the first edition, has been followed, as the most convenient for reference.

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