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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

The tokens of this county are mainly of ordinary character. They are all halfpence and farthings, there being no pennies amongst the series. They comence early, one of them, issued by John Gage, of Bradfod, bearing the date 1649; and they continue to 1671, almost the last year in which tokens were permitted to circulate.

To the places of issue named in the first edition we are enabled to add the names of Barford, Bratton, Hilmarton, Heytesbury, Marshfield, Road, and Shurston-Magna.

Several tokens attributed by Boyne to Wilton have been transferred to Wilton in Norfolk, the parish registers of that place having proved that the former attribution was incorrect.

The number of tokens issued at Salisbury is unusually large for one place, and gives information as to the commercial importance of the city in the seventeenth century.

Much assistance in the compilation of notes has been rendered by an examination of the large collection of tokens in the Devizes Museum, the property of the Wiltshire Archaeological Society. This examination was kindly undertaken by F. M. Willis, Esq., of Steeple Ashton, Wilts, and for his correction from the specimens the Editor is very Grateful. Mr. F. Goldney, of Chippenham, and Mr. H. S. Gill, have rendered much assistance also, but to Mr. W. Cunnington, F.G.S, the Editor is mainly indebted, and to his energetic and patient investigation the main value of this list of Wilshire tokens is obtained. Much of Mr. Cunnington's labour of love has been pursued while his health has been far from good, and even while suffering from a painful inflammation in his heyes, and a very full expression of gratitude is accorded to him for courtesy and consideration of a rare order and generous type.

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