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17th-Century Farthing Trade Tokens

In the former edition of this work, Mr. Boyne described forty-one tokens as belonging to Herefordshire, one of which was misplaced and is now inserted in its proper county of Essex. Two tokens were also placed to other counties, which are now removed to their proper habitat, as proved by the occurrence of the issuers' names in the parish registers of the towns to which they are now assigned, viz., Kington and Ledbury. The total number now claimed for the county is seventy-three, consisting of twenty-three farthings, forty-nine (?) halfpennies, and one doubtful penny. Of these two are heart-shaped, two square, one octagonal, the remainder round. The tokens issued by Kington tradesmen are interesting as being the only ones in the series bearing mottoes intended to impress upon their customers their character for honesty and "square-dealing"

James W. Lloyd.

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